Extended family photography sessions turn beautiful moments into timeless heirlooms.  

Extended family photo sessions are the perfect opportunity to capture moments between grandparents, their children, and their children’s children (and their children’s children’s children, should you be so lucky to be a 4 generation family!!). I like to take both a traditional and documentary approach to these shoots to give you the perfect variety of “frame worthy” group photos and emotive candids that highlight the quiet moments between family.  

Preparing for an multigenerational family photography session can feel stressful.


Step one: pick a photographer. Make sure their aesthetic fits yours. Maggie Theis Photography specializes in emotive, vibrant, true to skin tone and documentary style photography.

Step two: pick a location. Do you want photos at your home? Perfection. Your backyard? Lovely. A park near your house? Can do. A location in the mountains that is special to your family? I'm all in. Colorado and the Denver metro area offer some of the most beautiful backdrops!

Step three: Consider if you want to pick a specific color palette or tone for your photos.

Step four: Show up to your session and have the best time with your family. The photographer will take it from there.

Let's dive into some of the details...

What to wear to an extended family photoshoot…

Totally up to you! I have had some families go with whatever each person is most comfortable in. I have also had some families go with slightly elevated casual. And I have had other families pick a color palette.  Variation in texture with complimentary colors typically photographs beautiful!

In my opinion, it’s best to know what not to wear. A general rule of thumb - it is best to not be too matchy-matchy (long gone are the days of white t-shirts & denim a la 1995).  Also best to avoid neons, clothing with logos and words.

Photographers are typically happy to answer any specific questions you might have about your specific clothing options! You are always welcome to email me to ask whatever questions you have about your outfits for an upcoming photoshoot!

Elevated casual

photographs beautifully. Everyone looks put together and comfortable. There is a balanced variation of colors and patterns.

Color palettes

with slight variation of hues and tones with splashes of texture and patterns naturally makes everyone look put together.

An anchor color

unifies the group. The variation in hues and shades allows everyone to stand out while simultaneously making the group look cohesive.

Complimentary tones

make for a lovely photos. You can explore all kinds of options - earthy, seasonal, and jewel tones are all stunning options.

What to expect during extended family photos…

Typically, we will start with the traditional group photo. This catches everyone at their freshest, especially babes and toddlers.  

Then, we will breakout into smaller groups - couples, parents with their children, grandparents with grandchildren, etc.  

After that, we move on to my favorite part. I simply follow you around like a personal paparazzi and snap photos of authentic moments between your family. This can be in a meaningful location, at a first birthday party, in the comfort of your own home, at a local park - the details are flexible. What matters is that there are opportunities for you and your favorite humans to interact and love on each other as you would on any regular day.  

Extended family photographs become a family heirloom your kids and grandkids will actually want to keep.  

Time is a thief but a photograph can transport you back into a specific memory for decades to come. If you’re ready to book a multi-generational portrait session, please contact me!